Practice Areas

JDBears Law LLC is based in Foxboro, MA, and serves clients from coast to coast.  Attorney Jeff Bears represents clients in a variety of industries, including technology, IT, life sciences, health and wellness, pharmaceutical, and biotech. Clients include entrepreneurs, universities, and businesses of all sizes and at every stage of development. 

Jeff has spent his legal career helping his clients find innovative solutions to the legal issues that arise in their industries. His depth of experience in technology and life sciences allows him to understand his clients’ unique needs and develop creative, customized strategies to achieve their goals. While Jeff is available to assist clients with individual transactions, he welcomes the opportunity to build trust and ongoing relationships, with an emphasis on partnership to plan for and meet long-term needs.

Services include:

Commercial Agreements

The key to avoiding needless litigation in business relationships is to have written agreements that clearly specify the rights and responsibilities of all parties. Companies deal with a multitude of relationships on a daily basis and the contracts that bind them to suppliers, licensors, distributors, customers, and strategic partners.

Companies need to turn to an advisor with deep legal knowledge and appropriate industry experience.   Jeff Bears represents clients in the negotiation, drafting, and review of all types of commercial agreements, including service agreements, vendor agreements, loan and financing agreements, material transfer agreements, clinical trial agreements, ecommerce, digital and business transformation, contracts for goods and services, shareholder agreements, employment agreements, and licensing agreements.

Technology Transactions and Licensing

The development, acquisition, outsourcing and commercialization of emerging technologies is often uncharted territory, fraught with legal issues that can be difficult to foresee. Attorney Jeff Bears has spent his career helping technology companies, universities, and businesses protect their legal and commercial interests and acquire access to technological developments in a variety of industries.

Jeff leads clients through the legal and commercial complexities that arise in connection with the acquisition, development, adoption, and commercialization of new technologies and intellectual property assets in cutting-edge industries. The goal is for clients to collaboratively and profitably develop, protect, share, and exploit their assets. Services include assistance with mergers and acquisitions, distribution deals, joint ventures, research and development issues, licensing and procurement, trademark and copyright licensing, and multi-party collaboration.

Intellectual Property Diligence, Strategy, and Counseling

Companies need to understand how a well-developed intellectual property portfolio (including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets) relates to their business and objectives.  This may include intensive strategic counseling, managing complex IP transactions, including technology licensing and other commercial agreements, and managing patent and trademark prosecution. Additionally, companies often seek a rigorous examination of complex IP portfolios while identifying risks and assessing the value of transactions.  Jeff can assist you in unlocking the value of your intellectual property and fully realizing its value in the commercial sphere.

University Collaboration

Universities are the source of a wealth of technological and scientific advancement, and university technology transfer offices (TTOs) are responsible for much of the development and commercialization of these innovations. In order to preserve universities’ legal and commercial rights to the technology they have developed, they need legal counsel that understands not only the law and technology, but the unique needs of university and academic systems. Attorney Jeff Bears has extensive experience working with and representing universities in matters of research and development, technology transfer, and collaboration with public, private and nonprofit entities.

Strategic Transactions

Collaboration feeds innovation in technology and the life sciences, but in order for fruitful collaboration to take place, parties need to have their interests protected by an attorney who understands not only the law, but business and the subject matter of the partnership. With degrees in biotechnology, genetics, and biostatistics from prestigious universities and a deep background in business, corporate, and intellectual property law, Jeff is uniquely positioned to represent his clients’ interests in strategic partnerships. He is skilled in fostering partnerships, creatively responding to unforeseen challenges, balancing risk, and maximizing reward. 

Outside General Counsel

All companies need legal guidance from time to time. But for many companies, especially smaller businesses and startups, maintaining in-house counsel is not the wisest use of resources. Partnering with outside general counsel is a solution that allows emerging companies to receive the customized legal services they need in a cost-effective manner.

Jeff offers companies the support they need at all stages of their life cycle, including business entity selection and formation, corporate governance, employment law issues, consulting, risk management, financing, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and dissolution. Jeff’s extensive background in technology and life sciences allows him to provide counsel tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurs and startups in these industries.

To achieve the results your organization needs, you need an attorney who understands your goals and your industry, and who knows how the law applies to both. To learn more about Jeff Bears and his practice areas, please contact JDBears Law to schedule a consultation.