Industries Served

Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Understanding how science, business and law intersect is crucial in representing biotech and life science clients. Jeff is trained as a scientist, businessperson and attorney, and this combination of skills uniquely positions him to represent the industry. Jeff represents clients in these industries at all stages of their companies’ growth to not only tackle the issues they currently face, but also anticipate and address new concerns as they develop.

Jeff is committed to supporting and growing the biotechnology and life sciences industries. He strives to guide businesses toward profitable commercialization of their products and devices, whether through intellectual property procurement and enforcement, patent portfolio management, licensing, regulatory compliance, venture capital, strategic alliances or other transactions.


Academic institutions have a wide influence on society, and each has a unique mission and goals. Academic institutions need comprehensive legal services and counsel to help them navigate the education industry. With experience both working at and representing academic institutions, Jeff is well-equipped to guide academic institutions through intellectual property issues they face, as well as to handle various transactions. He works with academic institutions in areas including joint ventures, licensing, patent commercialization, privacy, research guidelines, technology transfer, cybersecurity, employee relations, federal grants, and contracts.

Digital Health and Wellness

Technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The digital health and wellness industry is going through a period of rapid innovation. Technology and health services companies are constantly pushing boundaries and finding growth opportunities in new areas. This translates to consumers having a great deal of data at their fingertips while also offering the potential to share their own health and wellness information to third parties.

The digital health and wellness industry is a prime example of how a multidisciplinary approach can lead to exciting new technology and information. Combining health law, FDA, technology transactions, intellectual property, data privacy and security, and joint ventures and M&A, Jeff takes a holistic approach to representing this dynamic industry with his in-depth legal experience in jurisdictions around the world, his technical know-how, and his business acumen. He will provide you with strategic guidance on how to leverage opportunities for growth while minimizing legal risks and realizing value.


Pharmaceutical clients require effective and insightful representation in areas including patent and trademark licensing, software licensing, trademark searches, technology transfer, privacy and cybersecurity, and corporate transactions.

Jeff understands the pharmaceutical industry. He has direct technical expertise and experience, with degrees in genetics and biotechnology, and bench experience at Yale University in genetics, cancer biology, immunology, cell biology and computational biology. He is also registered before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Jeff advises his pharmaceutical clients on a wide range of projects on the domestic and international levels on high-profile and strategic matters.


Technology is constantly changing and disrupting norms. The competitive landscape is disruptive, regulations change, breakthrough technologies emerge, and intellectual property challenges arise. Jeff advises on all aspects of technology law affecting technology and emerging growth companies. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Jeff provides a practical, innovative, and solutions-oriented approach to his clients with an eye toward legal, business and policy issues.

Technology companies often need more than just legal services to be successful, and Jeff is ready to roll up his sleeves to tackle issues ranging from joint ventures and strategic partnerships to joint development agreements and research and development agreements as well as serving as outside general counsel and as a trusted advisor to executive management.

To achieve the results your organization needs, you need an attorney who understands your goals and your industry, and who knows how the law applies to both. To learn more about Jeff Bears and his experience in your industry, please contact JDBears Law to schedule a consultation.